Our Houses

Saint Mary MacKillop
(1842 - 1909)

Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop was a Josephite nun who, along with Fr Julian Tenison Woods, started the religious order of the Sisters of St Joseph. Her life was dedicated to looking after and educating the poor and vulnerable. Her legacy continues today in countless ways. Education in its many facets is still a strong ministry for the Sisters of Saint Joseph. Mary inspires us to be courageous and hopeful and to have a deep faith in our God who provides. She teaches us how to forgive and how to be compassionate.

Saint Peter Chanel
(1803 - 1841)

Saint Peter Chanel was a French Catholic priest. He is known for his dedication to the Virgin Mary and his commitment to missionary work. St Peter was chosen to be part of the Marist mission to the South Pacific. His life and sacrifice inspire those dedicated to spreading the message of Christianity and the values of compassion and faith.

Blessed Suzanne Aubert (1835 - 1926)

Born Marie-Joseph Aubert, Blessed Suzanne Aubert is known for her significant contributions to healthcare and social welfare in New Zealand. She dedicated her life to caring for the sick, orphaned, and impoverished establishing hospitals, schools, and orphanages throughout Aotearoa. She is remembered for her compassionate service and inspires those engaged in charitable and missional work.

Saint Columba
(521 - 597)

Also known as Columcille, he was an Irish missionary and one of the most important figures in the early Christianization of Scotland. Born in Ireland he became a monk and was ordained as a priest. St Columba is renowned for his role in spreading Christianity in Scotland. (Blue House)