Why choose St Joseph's School?

The best way to get a feel for the school is to call in and have a look around. We have a saying here at St Joseph’s that ‘every day is open day‘. Call in and make an appointment and I will; 

  • Tour you around each of our classrooms
  • Discuss our enrolment procedure
  • Outline how our special Catholic Character drives the culture of our school 

Betty Brown


Enrolments at St Joseph's

How to enrol your child at St Joseph’s Primary School

Students can enrol at St Joseph’s as:

Preference students

Those who are able to establish a Catholic connection with the school (95% of enrolments).


Those who are not able to establish a Catholic connection with the school (5% of enrolments).Currently, our non-preference roll is full and a waiting list is in place. Non-preference students enrolling from another Catholic school will be granted enrolment and dispensation sought from the Catholic Education Office in Palmerston North. All enrolment forms are available at the school office.

Students starting school for the first time

Please contact the school office and make a time to see our Principal.

Office staff will help you complete the enrolment forms. Please allow half an hour for the enrolment process.

You will need to bring:

  • Birth certificate or proof of date of birth.
  • Immunisation record from birth to 5, available from the practice nurse at your doctor’s medical centre. This record is a health department requirement.

Students enrolling from another school:

Please bring details of the last school attended, workbooks. Your child’s last school report would be a help. We will contact your child’s previous school to arrange for records to be forwarded to St Joseph’s.

Students enrolling from another country:

Please contact the school and make an appointment to see the Principal. Bring both parents’ and child’s passports and visas so that we can determine if we can enrol your child as a regular student or whether fees must be paid.