Newsletter Week 1 Term 1
2nd February 2024
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“In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.” I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation
2 Corinthians 6:2
1 Corihia16:13
Kia Ora e te whānau,

Nau mai haere mai, Welcome, Maligayang pagdating, Svāgata chē, 欢迎光临
(Please know that you can translate this newsletter into your mother tongue. If you need help downloading the school app and learning about its most helpful functions, please come and ask, we are not experts, but we are happy to problem solve with you if we don’t know.)

On Tuesday morning we gathered as a school community full of excited, joy, and anticipation for the year ahead. We welcomed our new whānau to our St Joseph's School CHB faith community. Nau mai, Haere Mai e te whānau:
Eliana Israel Year 8 Room 6
Keerthana Biju Year 8 Room 6
Toby Parsons Year 6 Room 5
Braxton Lorck Year 4 Room 4
Edward Israel Year 2 Room 3
Karthik Biju Year 2 Room 3
Macauley Jacobs Year 1 Room 1
Hiyansh Patel Year 1 Room 1
We are grateful for everyone who makes our kura such a wonderful place to belong to: our teachers, support staff, our parish, our school BoT (Board of Trustees), PFG (Parents & Friends Group) parents, and extended family and friends. We thank God for making us all unique with different gifts and that we can work together to do great things.

Just like we are all unique and special, at our school we also have a special Josephite charism, history, story, and identity. We are all kaitiaki/caretakers of turning our words into action by living our school values of: Respect, Responsibility, Spirituality, and Community. Guided by the many messages of St Mary MacKillop we are the body of Christ, and all have a part to play in making a difference this and every year.

How can we work together?
When ‘thinking out loud’ with our tamariki we think about ways we can be the ‘eyes, hands, feet and face of Christ to others’ What does that look like, sound like, feel like? At home, you can also have this conversation with your children about this very important kaupapa/concept while also thinking about how you as parents can celebrate and use your gifts and talents in our school community?
Government Mandate
“From the start of 2024, all schools and kura with students from Years 0 - 8 will spend an average of one hour each day teaching reading, writing, and maths. This change is part of the government's 100-day plan for education”.

At St Josephs School CHB we already do this and more! We know that Reading, writing, and math skills are fundamental and play a crucial role in various subject areas. Their integration across disciplines is essential for holistic learning and the development of critical thinking skills. Intertwined with this is our faith-based approach where we seek to nurture well-rounded learners by integrating religious values into various aspects of the academic learning of our tamariki. This approach aims to develop not only intellectual capabilities but also moral character, compassion, and a sense of purpose. Again, this integration of faith into subjects contributes to a holistic education that prepares our tamariki for both academic and spiritual aspects of their lives, preparing them for a wide range of challenges and opportunities.

Here is a snapshop of what a sample of learning opportunities looked like this week:

Religious Education
Our Josephite charism, through the examples set by St Mary MacKillop, leads the way in promoting a faith-based education that emphasizes inclusivity, compassion, and a commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others. This approach fosters a strong sense of community and social responsibility among students, aligning with the teachings of our Catholic faith. Our Room 1 tamariki had fun dressing up as St Mary MacKillop and Julian Tenison Woods this week as they learned about our charism. In Room 5 our students made vision boards that reflected their interpretation of a St Mary MacKillop message
Reading, Writing and Maths
Did you know that Structured literacy is an evidence-based approach to teaching literacy skills that emphasizes systematic and explicit instruction in phonology, phonics, and other foundational language skills? I am sure you do because that is what we do here at St Josephs School CHB. If your child has not bought home a book yet, they sure will next week! Make sure you check your Seesaw app for messages and posts of your childs learning journey across all subject disciplines.
Buddy reading is a valuable strategy for fostering literacy skills, social development, and a love for reading in our tamariki. Our Room 3 & 6 tamariki spent time this week buddy reading.
Te Reo Māori
Te Reo Māori is integrated across our teaching and learning program. Commands, phrases, kupu/words are intentionally used in our classroom instruction. This week our tamariki have either learned or reviewed and refreshed their own personal ‘mihi’/ ‘pepeha’.
Inquiry Learning
Research and investigation play a crucial role in expanding knowledge, solving problems, fostering innovation and growth. Did you know that effective research skills encompass a multifaceted process that involves observation, attentive listening, comprehensive reading, adept note-taking, proficient writing, and skillful presentation?.
Physical Education & Health
Investing in our physical health is an investment in overall happiness, resilience, and the ability to lead a vibrant and active lifestyle. In this regard, we are blessed to have our school pool and are making the most of using it when the weather is being kind.
Education outside of the classroom
Yesterday our tamariki from Room’s 5 & 6 ventured off to Ocean Beach, Waimarama and enjoyed a wonderful day of Ocean safety and fun. Our engagement in promoting awareness, responsible behavior, and informed decision-making, about ocean safety contributes to a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone who interacts with the ocean environment. It is an essential aspect of promoting a culture of safety and respect for the natural elements of the sea. We also all had so much fun!
I am confident our tamariki will be able to tell you about the following:
  • Why we have LIFEGUARDS
  • How to raise their hand if they get into TROUBLE
  • The surf SAFETY RULES
  • How to avoid and escape RIPS
  • How to be safe in the WATER
We are grateful to our adults who joined us: TA’s: Lottie, Maricel, Jordin, Parents: Abbie Foley & Claire Murphy and ICS: Murray Gosling. Mrs, Alexander and I are so proud of all our tamariki for showing just how awesome they are.

‘Walking the talk’ of our school values: RESPONSIBILITY

School Leaders
Our school leaders: Brooke and Ashtyne have already demonstrated their responsible contribution to the growth and development of our school by leading by example both in and out of our school.
Sports Leaders
Our sports leaders: Elaijah and Nick (supported by Maisie T) have set the tone for the year by being responsible and organised as they prepared and shared the school sports trolley, modelled responsibility when putting equipment away, and demonstrated fair play during lunchtime games.
Congratulations to our 2024 School Librarians who commit to providing lunchtime training, library duty and showing a helpful and polite attitude to all library users.
Jasmeen Kaur, Sehaj Kaur, Ani Lorck, Brooke Paewai, Piper Foote, Maisie Malcom, Kaiyah Tate, Cooper Jackson

Road Patrol
We a grateful to Constable Che and the team from the CHB District Council for supplying our Road Patrol team with new signs and lollipops. Our Road Patrol team members all take the responsibility of this role very seriously and we are very lucky to have equipment that aids this goal.
Speech & Drama with Samantha Scott
Today begins the first session of Speech and Drama lessons with Sam Scott in our school Library.
Sam gained her teaching qualification in 2016 through Trinity Guildhall college of London and has been operating her own business: Samantha Scott Speech, since the start of 2018. Sam is fortunate to have the support and guidance from her mum who is the private Speech and Drama teacher at Hereworth and Iona College.

Sam offers 30 minute lessons for a term fee which is invoiced directly to parents.
Spaces are limited - if you would like more information or to enroll your child, please contact Samantha Scott at or 027 840 7730.
It really does feel like we have been back at school for longer than 4 days!
Kia pai to mutunga wiki - Have a good weekend
Betty Brown


Tena koutou katoa

Welcome back to school for the year 2024.
As school leaders, we are excited to give the tamariki of our school the opportunity to witness what good leadership looks like. We both have confidence in ourselves to be good role models to everyone in our school and we especially want to welcome and help the new students in our school to feel safe and happy here.

A highlight this week was when Rooms 5 and 6 students went to Ocean Beach, just out of Havelock North to learn about beach safety and how to stay safe in the ocean. We did fun activities and games. We would like to thank the lifeguards for teaching us and helping us throughout the day. We had an amazing time.

We are looking forward to revising our CBG tickets because we think that everyone at our school makes good choices. We plan on collecting ideas from all the students in our school so that we can find other ways of being celebrated for the good deeds we do all the time.

We hope everyone enjoyed their first week of school.

Have a nice weekend.
Brooke and Ashtyne



Carlos, Chloe, Chase

School Term Dates 2024

Term 1: Tuesday 30th January to Friday 12th April
Public Holidays: Waitangi Day: 6th February, Good Friday 29th March, Easter Monday 1st April, Easter Tuesday 2nd April

Term 2: Monday 29th April to Friday 5th July
Public Holidays: King's Birthday 3rd June, Matariki 28th June

Term 3: Monday 22nd July to Friday 27th September

Term 4: Monday 14th October to Tuesday 17th December
Public Holidays: HB Anniversary Day 25th October, Labour Day 28th October

Upcoming Events

6th - Waitangi Day - School Closed
12th - Board of Trustees Meeting
22nd - Commissioning of our Teaching Staff in Hastings
25th - Whole School Mass
1st -Years 1 - 4 Rugby Sessions
12th - School Swimming Sports: Years 4-8: 9:30 - 11:30, Years 1 - 3- 11:30 - 1:00
19th - St Joseph's Feast Day in Hastings
22nd - Interschool Swimming
25th - Board of Trustees Meeting
29th - Good Friday - School Closed
1st - Easter Monday - School Closed
2nd - Easter Tuesday - School Closed
12th - Last Day of Term

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