Newsletter Week 2 Term 3
26th July 2023
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He hono tāngata e kore e motu: Kā pā he taura waka, e motu
Unlike a canoe rope, a human bond cannot be severed - Loving human connections cannot be broken

“May you see your children's children.”
Psalm 128:6
Kia Ora e te whānau,

Monday morning began with heart warming liturgy that acknowledged the feast of Saints Joachim and Anne. They were Jesus’ grandparents and the parents of Mary. They helped Mary to know and love God.
Talk to your children about the special symbols we used to help us remember how our grandparents help us:
  • A Candle as a symbol of the light of Christ which reminds us of the important traditions in our families
  • A Blanket as a symbol of warmth and comfort needed in family life
  • A range of books which remind us of the learning we do all our lives
  • Family photos which is a symbol of family events and memories which are important to many generations
  • A Phone which lets us talk with our grandparents
  • A bunch of balloons as a symbol of the fun and joyful celebrations we have within our families
We prayed:
Dear Lord,
Some grandparents live far away and can not travel, others are sick at home or in hospital and some are with God in heaven. We ask you to bless and take care of all our grandparents.
Lord hear us.
Ma te Atua e manaaki o tatou tupuna katoa, kia ora ratou, ka aroha tatou kia a ratou.
May God bless and keep our Grandparents safe, we love you all.

The impact of non-attendance consistently demonstrates a strong link between attendance and academic achievement. Therefore, our focus on improving attendance rates aims to positively impact student learning outcomes and overall school performance.

Did you know?
  • Attendance is when learners are at school and in the class they are supposed to be in. If learners miss a week or more of school in a term they have ‘non-regular attendance’. Learners who miss a week each term will have missed out on a year of schooling by the time they are 16.
  • An attendance rate of 95% is generally considered good; this allows for children to miss 9.5 days across the school year. Persistent absence (PA) is defined as an attendance rate of 90% or below.
  • 80-85% signifies at least 5 ½ weeks of learning missed.
  • A child's poor attendance has a significant negative impact on their learning. Below 80% means at least 7 ½ weeks of learning missed. This means a child is missing out on a broad and balanced education.
Based on the above Ministry of Education requirements our St Joseph's overall attendance rate does not meet Ministry of Education expectations. However, excused absences, such as those due to illness or approved family emergencies have accounted for 6.4% of total absences to date. Fortunately, these absences are supported by appropriate documentation and are considered valid reasons for student non-attendance.

Thank you to all our whānau to strive to create a morning routine that fosters a sense of calm and readiness for the day. I know it is not always the easiest of tasks!

Leading in Faith, Learning for Life

Science investigations are alive and well at St Josephs
Last week, Mrs Jackson, armed with an exciting shopping list gathered a lot of the materials our classes will be using over the next few weeks as they delve into the amazing discoveries to be had in conducting experiments that prompt them to hypothesize, identify variables, follow a process, observe reactions and wonder.
Prayer is alive and well at St Josephs
Prayer is a way of communicating with a higher power or divine being, expressing gratitude, seeking guidance, asking for help, or simply engaging in a spiritual connection. Prayers can be formal or informal, spoken aloud or said silently in one's mind. The content and structure of prayers vary widely depending on the religious or cultural context. Some people recite specific prayers passed down through generations, while others may speak from the heart, expressing their thoughts and feelings directly. At St Josephs, we pray as a community every day in many different ways.
Last week, Room 5 created soundscapes for scripture passages: Jesus has Risen and Jesus calms the storm. They also wrote their own personal prayers in their prayer journals.
Math is alive and well at St Joseph's
Matific is a digital primary maths learning platform that we have a subscription to in Years 1 - 6. From the 31st July to the 4th August, we will be participating in the Matific Maths Olympiad across New Zealand and Australia. Through this engagement, we will continue to foster the following attitudes:
  • A love of maths
  • Reduced learning loss
  • Reduced maths anxiety
  • A boost in maths outcomes.
By completing maths activities and earning stars in the award-winning Matific program, our ākonga/learners will keep progressing in mathematical competency and help themselves, their class, and our school compete for trophies and recognition. While this is great, our main goal is ‘to be better tomorrow than we are today’!
This online platform is FREE. Our tamariki are encouraged to engage at home too, if they have a device available to them.

Neuroscience programs that build working memory are alive and well at St Josephs
Across the year we are fortunate to have Mr. Murray Gosling at school working with identified students who all benefit greatly from his targeted resource sharing and support. In the past, Murray has led learning engagements such as: Geo Cashing on bikes, limestone sculpting, orienteering, budding authors and curious scientist experiments. Our current sessions are based on improving our working memory. We all benefit from these strategies, you can help with this at home by trying some of the following activities:
  • Using checklists
  • Creating Routines
  • Assigning a place to keep important items
  • Breaking information and instructions into small pieces.
  • Focussing on one thing at a time
  • Playing memory games
  • Reducing distractions
  • Daily exercise
  • Getting a good nights sleep
Here is a link you might want to engage with at home:

Enrolment for 2024 is a focus - Help us spread the word - We really do offer amazing learning opportunities.
If you have family, friends, or know other children in your area interested in enroling at St Josephs CHB next year please let them know that we would love to welcome them.
Please encourage them to pick up an enrollment pack from Sarah in the school office.
Your help in growing our school community is hugely appreciated.

Have a blessed week and good luck to all our tamariki playing winter sports at Onga today and over the weekend. Keep warm!

Ma te Atua e manaaki e tiaki i nga wa katoa
Betty Brown


Tena koutou katoa

This week Room 4, 5 and 6 participated in Onga 7’s. There were 4 different sports that people participated in. We hope everybody had a good time and that everybody tried their hardest.

In Room 5 and 6 they have been doing science experiments. Room 6 has been doing a science experiment where they use vinegar, 3x chalk, water and lemon juice. This science experiment is seeing which chalk piece erodes faster.

Have a great rest of your week.

Ella, Ruby, Lilla & Jayde


Feast Day – 25th July, James the Apostle
James is the brother of John the Evangelist. The two were called by Jesus as they worked with their father in a fishing boat on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus had already called another pair of brothers from a similar occupation: Peter and Andrew. “He walked along a little farther and saw James, the son of Zebedee, and his brother John. They too were in a boat mending their nets. Then he called them. So they left their father Zebedee in the boat along with the hired men and followed him” (Mark 1:19-20).
James was one of the favoured three who had the privilege of witnessing the Transfiguration, the raising to life of the daughter of Jairus, and the agony in Gethsemani.


Quinn, Carlos, George


Congratulations to the following students: Jayde, Ruby, Riley, Flynn, Adrisa, Aarav, Georgia, Kyla, Finn, Moses, and Herray who last week demonstrated their commitment towards becoming more knowledgeable & skilled in their pursuit of learning.


Bl Suzanne Aubert house won the CBG house points Shanaya and Adrisa were the winning individuals. Well done!
Thank you Adrisa Gharty and Jayde Tipene for your Birthday Books!

Parent Cyber Safety Evening - AUGUST!

We are pleased to offer, for parents and whānau, a parent evening about cyber safety, presented by Rob Cope on August 15th at CHB College.

Tickets have been allocated based on your school’s roll number. There is no charge but we have limited seating. Parents are asked to book their tickets through their school office. We have 30 tickets on a first-come first served basis. Please let Sarah know in the office if you would like to attend.
Tickets close Monday 7th of August to allow for reallocation.
Please watch this promotional video: Our Kids Online Parent Evening

Michael Hempseed returns to Central Hawkes Bay

Mark your calendars for this wonderful opportunity to hear him speak to our wider community at our school.
Monday 21st August 7PM

School Term Dates 2023

Term 1: Monday 30th January to Thursday 6th April
Public Holidays: Waitangi Day: 6th February, Good Friday 7th April

Term 2: Monday 24th April to Friday 30th June
Public Holidays: ANZAC Day 25th April, King's Birthday 5th June

Term 3: Monday 17th July to Friday 22nd September

Term 4: Monday 9th October to Friday 15th December
Public Holidays: HB Anniversary Day 20th October, Labour Day 23rd October

Upcoming Events

3rd - Interschool Cross Country (Reset date)
7th - 11th - National Library Week
8th - Ki o Rahi Tournament
8th - St Mary MacKillop Feast Day
9th - Matariki Engagement for Years 5,6,7,8
11th - National Library Week - Book Character Dress Up Day
13th - School Mass
15th - Parents Cyber Safety Evening 6:30 - 8:30: CHBC Hall: Our Kids Online Parent Evening
21st - Michael Hempseed Presentation - 7PM
21st - Board of Trustees Meeting - 5 PM - Room 2
23rd - CHB Science Road Show

7th - Rippa-Rugby
8th - Year 6, 7 & 8 Sunrise Ht Expedition
18th - Rotary Speeches
22nd - Last Day of Term 3
23rd - Parish Working Bee - All welcome!

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