Newsletter Week 3 Term 2
10th May 2023
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“Whaowhia te kete mātauranga”
Fill the basket of knowledge

“Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.”
Proverbs 31:25 - 28

Kia Ora whanau,
Welcome to a week that will culminate in our whole school mass, dedicated to our mums: Proverbs 31:25 - 28
Welcome also to a week that will focus on our third official language of Aotearoa: Sign Language, and a special welcome to Hogan Hynes and Mahinarangi Auckram: Ngāruru/Mentoring specialists and Ki-o-Rahi coaches who will join us each Tuesday working with selected groups of our ākonga/learners across the school. This initiative has been kindly funded by our NZCEO/PNCEO support donation.

Last week was a good example of ‘filling our basket of knowledge’ The Kohoot quiz our tamariki engaged in as part of our King Charles Coronation inspired Fun Friday provided the platform for our ākonga/learners to build their knowledge of ‘the people, the place, and the purpose’ of the Coronation. With thanks to our Whaea Sarah and our year 5&6 students, all staff, and Father Paul, we all enjoyed a very fun-filled Friday. Thank you to our school community for supporting this event by sending in a spectacular spread of afternoon tea treats. It was a wonderful way to end a busy week.
Michael Hempseed
WOW! You all missed a great presentation by Michael Hempseed last week. His presentation resonated with all as he shared researched information that had us all thinking ‘oh, I didn’t know that!’. His book ‘Calming your Child - De-escalating Tantrums, Anxiety, Aggression, and other challenging behaviours’ is a practical guidebook designed to help parents and caregivers effectively manage and diffuse difficult behaviors in children. The book provides valuable insights, strategies such as:
  • Understanding underlying causes
  • Building emotional connection
  • Effective communication
  • Emotional regulation techniques
  • Positive discipline
  • Creating a calm environment
  • Seeking professional help
If you would like to read it, we have a school copy we can share with you.


Sign Language Week
You will already know that this week is Sign Language Week. All our classes are engaging in uplifting our skills in learning the third official language of Aotearoa. Our hope for this week is that each class will be able to sign one or more of the following:
Letters of the alphabet, their names, colours, greetings, songs, and maybe even the Lord's Prayer!
  • What do you know how to sign?
  • Ask your child to teach you - Have fun!
Word Study
Building our written vocabulary is an important part of developing our ākonga/learners reading and writing skills. The impact from our teachers ‘The Code’ Teacher Only Day training is becoming very evident across all classes. Have a conversation with your child about what and how they are learning new words and patterns in spelling.
Here are some tips to help your child with learning new words and patterns at home:
  • Create a ‘learning to write words’ routine at home by setting aside a regular time each day for practice. Consistency will help your child develop good spelling habits.
  • Use visual aids such as flash cards, word walls. Our students are loving writing their words with chalk on the pavement, writing on a whiteboard, computer screen
  • Practice with games such as: hangman, word bingo or Lingo
  • Encourage writing by keeping a journal, or writing letters to family members or friends.
  • Like Math, Make it FUN


Tena koutou katoa,

Our Visit to CHBC for Open Day

(Jayde) Yesterday we walked up to the CHB College with Matua Matt to experience what it would feel like to be a college student. All the students were put into 6 different groups. We tried all sorts of activities throughout the day such as Science, Art, French and lots more. I really enjoyed experiencing what it would feel like to be a college student and I hope it’s like that when I go to college. My absolute favourite activity that we did was cooking. In cooking we made sherbet, it was super delicious.

(Ella) Throughout that day we were there and we got to try lots of subjects like French, Science, Sewing, Māori, Art, and more with our group of us and other schools. I enjoyed Art and Science the most out of all of them.
During the Discovery Day, they took all the year 8’s into the hall and gave us a little sneak peek of the Shrek play which was fabulous.
I enjoyed the day and the main things I enjoyed were being able to go to the canteen and meeting up with old friends that went to college last year or to a different school, I can't wait to do it for next year's year 8s and getting to see them all grown up.

(Lilla) Once we got to the College we got together in the hall and split into our groups for the day, we were mixed with Tikokino and Pukehou. We got to try lots of different subjects like French, P.E, Art, Science, my favorite subject was P.E. We got to watch a little bit of the Shrek The Musical. I loved going to the Canteen, and it was really cool being able to meet other people from different schools and see people who you already knew from College.

(Ruby) We went in lots of the classrooms. My favorite was the marae. We got to watch a little scene from Shrek the musical. I loved the sports games we played in the gym. We were mixed into groups from other schools in our group we had St Josephs Tikokino and Pukehou.

(Riley) We were split into different groups and we were put with Pukehou and Tiko. We did different activities such as science, sewing, drawing, french, Art And Māori. We were provided lunch and the lunch was chicken burgers. I saw my friends from Waipukurau School and I saw my sister play in the Shrek Practice! My Favorite activity that we did was in the gym. We played this game called Multi-Sport. Multi-Sport is a game with a variety of sports that get randomly played. For Example, The first game we would play hockey, Then the next game would be netball, Then Football and a whole bunch of other sports. Overall, It was a good day!

Nga mihi

Ella, Ruby, Lilla and Jayde

Sports Update

Congratulations to all our sporting heroes and volunteers for your efforts last weekend. Good Luck to everyone this weekend especially our CHB Rugby enthusiasts.

Rugby - Barefoot 7’s - Hastings on Thursday, May 24th.
Coach: No volunteers - Yet!
Manager: 1 volunteer
Entries for this weight determined competition closes on Thursday 18th May. In order to have teams practice and be ready, or to give us enough time to contact other schools to see if they would like to join our teams, can I please have all return slips to the office by this Friday.
So far we have the following numbers of interested players in the following weight categories
Under 43 3 players
Under 40 1 player
Under 35 4 players
Under 25 1 player

Novice gymnastics is a type of gymnastics that is designed for beginners who are just starting out in the sport. It focuses on the development of basic skills and techniques, such as balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength. Our gymnastics program this term in readiness for our participation in the interschool display on Thursday 8th June will focus on these Novice gymnastic skills while also focusing on:
  • Safety - Making sure landing surfaces are clear and gear is maintained
  • Progression of basic skills and gradually building on them as our tamariki get more confident
  • Variety - Our hall is set up with a variety of activities and exercises to keep our tamariki engaged and motivated
The sound of excitement as our tamariki make their way to and from the hall for their PE sessions sends a real buzz for learning around the school. Fortunately, we have use of the Parish hall and are able to create a positive learning environment where our tamariki can learn and grow, while also having FUN.

Hockey - No mouth guard - No play!
School play time hockey - ALL students choosing to play hockey during school time need to wear a mouth guard! - Phew! Tamariki are also encouraged to bring your own shin pads.

Information has been shared about our engagement with Hockey this season. Thank you to those families who have committed, registrations have been submitted and uniforms will be issued from the school office. Kwikisticks rules and the draw will be shared on our school APP.

Stick Vacum
Under the guidance of Mrs. Simpson, our librarians are doing a wonderful job in our library. Keeping the library open all day, everyday means foot traffic is high and wheeling our industrial vacuum to the library every day is a bit of an inconvenience. Therefore, if you happen to have a stick vacuum cleaner that that you no longer need and would like to donate it to our library, please contact Sarah J in the office! Thanking you all in advance!

We are expecting a large bin of Apples to arrive from Springhill Orchard TODAY! - FREE!. Please come and get as many as you need or want to share with your neighbours. Thank you Sprinhill Orchard!

Mothers Day Whānau Mass
Looking forward to seeing you all at our whole school mass this Sunday 14th May where we will celebrate our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and special women in our lives.
This is an opportunity for our school community to come together and honor the important role that mothers play in our lives. During the mass, we will have special prayers, readings, and songs dedicated to our mothers, as well as a moment to recognise all the hard work and love that they give to their families.
For this special mass, school uniform is NOT required and our tamariki and kaiako will be able to sit with their families.
We will NOT be hosting an after mass cup of tea so that you can either go out of go home to celebrate this special day.

Mark your calendars
Parent Teacher Conferences will take place on Monday 19th June - More information will follow next week regarding our organisation of the day.

Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend.

Ma te Atua e manaaki
Betty Brown


What is the Role of Godparents?
Godparents for Catholic Baptism are like sponsors for Confirmation. However, they take on a different role since usually, only children have godparents for baptism. Their role is to take over or assist in the faith development of the person being baptized. This is especially important in the event that the parents cannot or do not adequately raise their children in the faith. Godparents can also be helpful through their prayers and example even if the child’s parents fulfill their own promise to raise the child in the faith. Therefore, the faith of the godparents is important in fulfilling the baptismal promise of being raised in the Catholic faith.


Congratulations to the following students: Riley, Chloe, Flynn, Mackenzie, Archie, Ivy, Fukun, Sophia and Paige who last week demonstrated the skills of being caring, organised, and focused


Well done to Natasha, Cooper, Hadlee, Jasmeen and Jayde who received certificates the last week of term. A fantastic effort!


Bl Suzanne Aubert house won the CBG house points and Luka and Mia were the winning individuals. Well done !

School Term Dates 2023

Term 1: Monday 30th January to Thursday 6th April
Public Holidays: Waitangi Day: 6th February, Good Friday 7th April

Term 2: Monday 24th April to Friday 30th June
Public Holidays: ANZAC Day 25th April, King's Birthday 5th June

Term 3: Monday 17th July to Friday 22nd September

Term 4: Monday 9th October to Friday 15th December
Public Holidays: HB Anniversary Day 20th October, Labour Day 23rd October

Upcoming Events

14th - Whole School Mother's Day Mass
22nd - Board of Trustees Meeting - 5PM, Room 2
31st- Gumtree Outdoor Biking Adventure for Year 7&8
1st - School Photo Day
5th - King's Birthday (School Closed)
8th - Interschool Gymnastics - Takapau
9th - School Cross Country Event
19th - Parent Teacher Conferences - School Closed for instruction
19th - Board of Trustees Meeting - 5PM - Room 2
22nd - Interschool Cross Country
30th - Student Mid Year Reports sent home
30th - Last Day of Term.

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