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Kia ora koutou, my name is Sarah Laugesen and I have the privilege of being the Principal of St Joseph’s School CHB. 
Our Why? (Vision)
“Leading in faith, learning for life”
Our How? (Mission)
To provide authentic encounters with Christ, by living the gospel values, being active in learning and leading in the school and community.
This is achieved by having experienced and innovative teachers and a dedicated team of staff who are well supported by our Board, Parent and Parish Community. 

Our Vision

Our school vision encompasses our desire to help develop the whole child during their time at our school. By remaining true to our Catholic faith and Catholic Character we are guided in how we work with students and our community.

We aim to model what it means to follow in the footsteps of Jesus in the hope that every child is treated in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity/mana.

In doing so, the pupils will carry this into their daily lives beyond the gates of the school and in all interactions with others.

Home,  St Joseph’s Catholic School CHB


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Home,  St Joseph’s Catholic School CHB

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Home,  St Joseph’s Catholic School CHBHome,  St Joseph’s Catholic School CHB

Latest Notifications

Touch Rugby draw and update

Wed Oct 20 05:51pm

Touch Rugby draw and update
A list of important reminders below to help the CHB Touch Module run smoother.
Touch begins Monday November 1st (week 3) and is played at Russell Park.
1) Spectators are allowed but please scan in at the Gazebo and remember our social distancing
2) Each grade has been assigned a field and all their games will be played on that field. Just check their time slot
3) Years 3-8 will be supplied 2x referees but the year 1-2 grade will need to supply their own. It’s important a familiar person is on the field with the kids during their game to help them with the touch count, outlines, and also to ensure the kids have fun
4) Have fun and keep up the positive vibes (good sportsmanship and teamwork)
5) any questions head to the gazebo and ask for Sara or myself

Nga mihi
Rich Kupa (organiser) 

Bus students: Please advise the office of which days your child is on the afternoon bus for Term 4 2021. Thank you

Wed Oct 20 12:53pm

Term 4 Week 1 Newsletter

Wed Oct 20 12:07pm



Fun Run prizes will be sent home today

Mon Oct 18 10:15am

Important Touch update for Term 4

Fri Oct 01 08:55am

The start date for touch will be the first Monday back in Term 4 (18/10/21).

Once the draw is finalised we will send to schools and put up on Facebook. If we are in level 2 we will send through the level 2 rules for the day and any other important information.

We apologise for any delays but due to the covid uncertainty it made things difficult to confirm and organise.


Thu Sep 30 09:40am

Please do not park in the marked bus stops outside our school as it is causing safety issues for the buses and children.

Thanking you


Term 3 Week 10 Newsletter

Wed Sep 29 09:13am



Chicken Pox at School

Mon Sep 27 09:49am

Dear Whanau

We have a student that has come down with Chicken Pox.

It is a highly contagious viral infection causing an itchy, blister-like rash on the skin.
Chickenpox is highly contagious to those who haven’t had the disease or been vaccinated against it.
The most characteristic symptom is an itchy, blister-like rash on the skin.

Chickenpox can often start with the following symptoms:

a fever
a headache
a runny nose
a cough
loss of appetite
feeling tired

If your child has any symptoms, please seek medical advice and keep them at home until they are well. 

Thank you.

Important letter from the Board of Trustees

Fri Sep 24 02:09pm



Hawke’s Bay Triathlon for Year 5-8 Only

Fri Sep 24 12:54pm

Hawke’s Bay Triathlon

Tuesday 23 November (the same day as CHB inter-school athletics) in Hastings.

If your child is year 5-8 and is interested in entering the HB Triathlon for Primary and Intermediate Children please see the above link.

All details of location, time, cost and event information is in this link.

Parents need to register their own children either individually or in a team.

Parents will need to transport their children to and from the event as the school will not be providing transport.

A reminder of Alert Level 2:

Thu Sep 23 10:25am

Just a reminder that we are still at level 2, therefore parents are not allowed on-site unless collecting their child/children early from school and you must report to the office and scan in and someone will collect your child from their classroom.

Term 3 Week 9 Newsletter

Wed Sep 22 10:23am



School Fun Run: Please order your prizes before 24th September. Thanks

Tue Sep 21 01:06pm

Early Arrivals

Fri Sep 17 11:26am

We have noticed a number of children arriving at school before 8:20am.

Our staff are not able to provide supervision before 8:20am.

For the Health and Safety of our staff and students, please adhere to our 8:20am arrival time.

Term 3 Week 8 Newsletter

Wed Sep 15 01:10pm



Cross-Country Postponed

Wed Sep 15 10:39am

Unfortunately, cross-country has been postponed until Monday 20th. The same rules apply due to stricter Level 2 rules parents will not be able to attend.

Cross-country update.

Tue Sep 14 09:25am

Kia ora whanau

Cross-country will go ahead unless it rains, we will make the call at 9.30 am tomorrow morning.
So please send your child/ren in their sports uniform regardless of the weather as it is expected to be clear by mid-morning tomorrow with showers returning late afternoon.

Please ensure all students have a jacket/warm jersery just incase of cold winds.

Indoor Hockey Update

Mon Sep 13 10:02am

Hi everyone,
Unfortunately with the Delta Level 2 restrictions on indoor sports venues, I have had to make the decision to cancel indoor hockey for the rest of term 3.
I appreciate the children will be disappointed but feel this is in the best interest for everybody’s safety.
Kindest regards
Michele Hayes
Aqua Management Ltd

Miniball (Basketball) Update HB Basketball have updated us with the latest info…

Fri Sep 10 04:59pm

Miniball (Basketball) Update
HB Basketball have updated us with the latest info…

CHB Miniball will not start until term 4 now. I don’t have a confirmed date, but I will send this out as soon as it has been received.

Many thanks


Home learning devices to be returned tomorrow

Wed Sep 08 02:24pm

A reminder to all students and families who had a school device issued to them for home learning to bring these back to their classrooms at 9am.

We are looking forward to seeing you all 🙂

Week 7 School Newsletter

Wed Sep 08 12:24pm

Week 7 Newsletter

Letter to Parents re moving back to Level 2

Tue Sep 07 02:52pm


Level 2 Letter to Parents

An update from Basketball Hawke’s Bay re Miniball

Tue Sep 07 12:53pm

Kia ora,

Following on from the government’s latest announcement on ‘Delta Alert Level 2’ the restart of all competitions has been postponed until next week while we work with our policies and venues to ensure we can safely deliver Basketball/Miniball in line with the governments ‘delta’ restrictions.

We will be in touch with details on return to competition.

Sports Update

Mon Sep 06 11:48am

Please see the attached notice for all sports updates that the school has recieved so far. 

We will update you on any further information when we recieve this. Sports Update Covid-19 Edition

There is also information for tennis and volleyball attached in this letter.

If your child is year 5-8 and is interested in playing volleyball or tennis check these out and flick Emma an email to confirm your child a spot in a St Joseph’s school team. 

Kiwivolley/Volleyball for year 5-8

Wed Sep 01 03:53pm

Kiwivolley/Volleyball Year 5-8
Is your child keen to play volleyball in term 4???
Read the following document for all the details and flick me an email at by Monday September 20 to get a spot in a team.

Volley Ball term 4 notice

Week 6 Newsletter

Wed Sep 01 03:20pm


Week 6 Newsletter

What alert level 3 will look like for St Joseph’s School.

Fri Aug 27 05:30pm


Alert level 3 letter to Parents

COVID update 24th August

Tue Aug 24 10:21am

Kia ora Whanau 

As you will be aware Level 4 has been extended until Friday and will be reassessed then. 

Distance learning is underway. Please share and send in any learning in action photos of what your kids have been up to during lockdown to your child’s class teacher, as it is always nice to see what they have been up to. 

There will be no school newsletter this week. All up and coming school events have been postponed, such as school photos and cross country, (none have been cancelled at this stage) and dates will be revised once we know more about what levels we will be in, in the coming weeks. 

Keep safe and God bless.

Sarah Laugesen 

COVID update Friday 20th August

Fri Aug 20 07:31pm

Kia ora Whanau 

I hope you are all keeping well.

As you will have heard we are remaining in Level 4 until Tuesday when it will be reassessed and we will be updated. Hopefully, we will know more as results from contact tracing and testing come to light. 

The staff sent out emails/messages to their families yesterday to find out if any families required devices. Those who asked for a device will have received there’s today though some will be dropped off by Monday. 

Distance learning will start on Monday. Teachers will keep in touch daily with students and zoom meetings will be arranged.  


Keep safe everyone and God bless.

Sarah Laugesen 

Week 4 Newslwtter

Wed Aug 18 11:01am



COVID Level 4, for the next 3 days.

Tue Aug 17 08:58pm

Kia ora Whānau 

As you may already be aware from the announcement made earlier by the Prime Minister that we will be going into COVID level 4 from midnight tonight for the next 3 days.

This means that school will be closed for the next 3 days and we will find out more later on in the week if there will be further restrictions the following week. We will endeavour to keep you up to date on any changes.

What will this mean for students learning. The staff and I will meet via zoom tomorrow and discuss a plan moving forward. The teachers will then contact parents about what learning might look like later that morning. We are aware that not all families have devices, at this stage it is only for 3 days so we will not send any devices home; however, this will be reassessed depending on future developments. 

Please keep safe and blessings to everyone. 

Sarah Laugesen 

Netball reminder and draw for this weekend

Tue Aug 17 11:35am

Netball Finals

A reminder from HB Netball as we approach the end of the season
Good Afternoon Everyone,
As the end of the season is approaching I thought I would send out an email to everyone reminding them that we understand finals games can get competitive and heated, but please try and keep behaviour on the side line and on the courts positive. We want everyone to enjoy the game and the end of the season.
Also, a reminder that no game can end in a draw – if the score is tied at the end of play, play must continue till one team is 2 goals ahead.

Please get in touch with me if you have any queries and questions prior to your games.

Good Luck to all teams.

Saturday game time:
Jaguars Team vs Waipawa Diamonds @ 9.00am on court 1 (playing for 5/6)
Magic Team vs Waipukurau Blue @ 10.00am on court 4



Tue Aug 17 10:04am


If your child is absent from school for any reason including being late, please notify us either with a phone call or by our School App.

It is most important that parents and staff know of children’s whereabouts at all times.  Each morning and afternoon the roll is taken and absences noted.  If a child is absent without explanation the school will endeavour to contact caregivers to ensure child safety.

Indoor Hockey Draw Change

Tue Aug 17 08:41am

There is an updated indoor hockey draw being sent home today. 


Today’s game times are as follows; 

St Joseph’s Sticks (junior team) vs Elsthorpe Dragons @ 4.10pm

St Jo’s/Terrace (senior team) vs Waipawa White @ 5.00pm

Term 3 Week 3 Newsletter

Wed Aug 11 09:35am



Today’s Indoor Hockey Draw

Tue Aug 10 01:21pm

Indoor Hockey today at the stadium
Junior team: St Jo’s sticks vs Waipawa Blue @ 4.10pm
Senior team: St Jo’s/Terrace Omakere Kahikatea @ 5.30pm
Please remember this is a team sport. If your child is unavailable to make their game for any reason to let the manager of the team know ASAP.

School Photos

Tue Aug 10 11:40am

A slip went home that outlines how the process will work (We do have spare slips in the office if needed). Photos will be taken on Thursday 26th August at school during school hours.
A couple of points;
• If you would like to arrange a sibling photo, you will need to get in touch with Sarah in the office.
• A unique code will be sent home at a later date that will enable you to log-in and preview / purchase class photos.
• We will wear our full school winter uniform
• Pop in and have a chat to Sarah J if you need any assistance with this process.

Kwik Sticks Hockey Week 3

Sat Aug 07 10:31am

Kwik Sticks Hockey Week 3 will be a skills based fun session on Thursday 12 August at the turf beginning at 3.30pm. 

Term 3 Week 2 Newsletter

Wed Aug 04 11:06am



Term 3 Week 1 Newsletter

Wed Jul 28 11:44am



School Interviews: A friendly reminder that school finishes at 1pm tomorrow. Please make arrangements to collect your child/ren. Thank you

Tue Jul 27 01:44pm